Catalyst Infinite

To balance out farming/playing the game for all classes. I feel like if the Rangers/Genetics/Mado/Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro have infinite resources regarding Arrows, Bullets, Cannonballs and Shuriken/Kunai. Other classes should get that compensated. Reminder: This is a Hite Rate Server. Rangers in particular. In iRO or in any server the Ranger is a strong class. Able to attack from a distance it makes Rangers one of the most accessible to new players everywhere. Their weaknesses? Usually don't want any VIT investment, Naturally very squishy class and normally have to carry arrows limiting the amount of damage their capable of. The arrows make

Supplement Part Dex [1]) Bugged

Supplement Part Dex [1] Isn't working Supplement Part Dex [1] [Accessory] Item ID# 2995 (Supplement_Part_Dex) Type Armor Class Accessory Buy 25000z Sell 12500z Weight 10 Defense 0 Required Lvl 100 Slot 1 Refineable No Applicable Jobs Mechanic Description This mechanical device promotes the precise and timely execution of spells. Reduces SP consumption by 10%. Reduces after cast delay by 10%. Reduces variable cast time by 10%. Increases damage of Axe Boomerang by 100%. Reduces cooldown of Axe Boomerang by 2 seconds. More Information on Combo: Supplement Part Dex[1] & Supplement Part Str Item Script { bonus bUseSPrate,-10; bonus bDelayrate,-10; bonus bVariableCastrate,-10; bonus2 bSkillCooldown,"NC_AXEBOOMERANG",-2000; },{},{} Dropped By No Result Obtainable From Charleston Crisis In the following two images you can

Charleston Crisis 2nd Phase

When doing Charleston Crisis Sometimes the 2nd phase of this quest will happen sometimes it wont. The 2nd phase is the only time in the game you have access to mobs which drop Broken Engines Failed Engine Item ID# 6750 (Failed_Engine) Broken Engine Type Miscellaneous Class n/a Buy 10z Sell 5z Weight 1 Description Broken engine. Is this repairable? Item Script {},{},{} Dropped By Lockstep (5%) Kickstep (4%) In the 2nd phase you're sent out to kill: Kickstep (KICK_STEP) Mob-ID#3127 On Maps Elements HP 73644 Level 132 Race Demon Property Neutral 1 Size Medium Hit(100%) 432 Flee(95%) 478 Base Experience 3607 Walk Speed Average Job Experience 2205 Atk Delay 0.81s Player Level: 130-137 (100%) Attack 1223-1725 Magic Atk 485-689 Base Exp Per HP 0.049:1 Def 80 Job Exp Per HP 0.03:1 Magic Def 50 Delay After Hit n/a Atk Range 1 cells Str 91 Int 116 Spell Range 10 cells Agi 86 Dex 153 Sight Range 12 cells Vit 67 Luk 71 1@mcd(9) - Charleston Factory Mode - Aggressive -

World Boss Improvements

Hi! I'm rather new to the server still but I have some ideas for the World Boss Event! I think first and foremost-- please add the ability to use skills on the world boss map. Most classes in Renewal rely on skills for their buildset, like Mechanics, Shadow Chasers, Performers, even Rangers, and then there are Magic-Based classes, and I believe this can still be nerfed by making the world boss have higher HP and defense(maybe) so for a Ranger like myself, I wouldn't be able to Unlimit + Arrow Storm the World Boss nor could anyone else. 😛 Secondly,

Bugs and Suggestion Jan 2020

sorry for late reply, for bugs no 1, i have make some adjustment, you check the items for no2, i have found nothing strange, may be this will help explain the situation : for no 3, its working normally, you can equip 2 of them in both slot. note : about item effect, i will stick to item description, not to item script like ratemyserver did. for newer and uptodate database, you can visit this link:

Bugs and Suggestion Jan 2020

Hey there, I've been on the server for a while now and I like it. But for some reason there's some weird things going on with the code on the server. 1. Anything that's custom or modified isn't working properly. I made the Twin Pom Santa Hat [1] Twin Pompom By JB [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5384 (Santa_Hat_1) Twin Pom Santa Type Armor Class Upper Headgear Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 20 Defense 2 Required Lvl 20 Slot 1 Applicable Jobs Every Job Description A Santa Hat with two pom-poms instead of one for double the Christmas fun! LUK +3 Reduces after attack delay by 4%. Increases resistance against Curse status by 20%.

Changelog 19/10/2019

New Monster drop for Doram Equipment: Fresh Grass Necklace (req. lvl 100) - Sting, Kobold 2 Cute Grass Necklace (100) - Stapo Charming Grass Necklace (100) - Roween White Shirt (6) - Grass Fabre (Lasagna Town / Field) White Eco Shirt (15) - Trance Spore (Lasagna Dungeon 01) Doram Suit (100) - Heater, Anacondaq, Kobold 3 Luxurious Doram Suit (140) - Uni-horn Scaraba Elegant Doram Suit (175) - Fruit Pom Spider (Lasagna Dungeon 03) Doram Manteau (100) - Assaulter, Kobold 3, Deleter Luxurious Doram Manteau (140) - Rake Scaraba Elegant Doram Manteau (175) -

Changelog 08/10/2019

Zodiac Set Leo Mail [1] Can't be destroyed. Mdef + 5. Atk + 50, Flee + 20. MaxHP + 1000. When equipped by Sura, Atk + 80, MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%, if refine rate is 8 or higher, grants immunity to knock back. Class : Armor Defense : 100 Weight : 100 Required Level : 1 Required Jobs : All Leo Manteau Mdef + 5. Atk + 20. MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%. Reduces damage taken from neutral property by 20%. When equipped by Sura, Atk + 30, MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%, skill casting